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What Every Brother Printer Owner Must Know About Their Printer

While we have all experienced the occasional paper jam, or been 'low on ink', there are times when our printer just doesn't function properly. If you're having problems with your Brother Printer, the device driver is most likely the culprit. Improper, outdated or corrupt device drivers can cause a Brother Printer to cease functioning or even crash your computer. Fortunately, device driver problems are quite easy to fix when you use the correct software.

What Is A Brother Printer Driver?

A driver is simply a group of files on your PC that allows your Brother printer to communicate with your computer's operating system (Windows). In essence, your device driver acts as a middle-man to ensure that everything is printed correctly. Because this is such an important task, every Brother printer has its own unique device driver assigned to it for optimum performance. Using the incorrect device driver on a Brother Printer has been known to make computers act in an unusual manner. Brother users have reported complete system crashes, while others have stated that their printer ceases to work when improper device drivers are installed.

What If My Brother Printer Driver Is Not Current?

Installing the most current Brother Printer driver helps you to avoid printing failures and security vulnerabilities. Brother also updates their drivers on a regular basis to ensure that your printer achieves maximum performance. This could mean faster print time, or even less ink used per print job. Brother suggests that you always run their most updated printer drivers for the safety of your computer and benefits to your printer.

You Must Update Your Brother Printer Driver With Every Windows Update

Because printer drivers are so sensitive, they must be an exact match for both your Brother Printer and the operating system on your computer. This means that with any changes to Windows, your printer could be adversely affected. Fortunately, the programmers at Brother are constantly updating their device drivers to match any Windows changes. However, you must be sure to update your drivers regularly in order to avoid any printer driver errors. We suggest that you use a program like Driver Genius that will automatically scan your system and update your Brother Printer Drivers as they are needed. This eliminates any harm that a Windows Update could pose to your printer.

How Do I Ensure That I Do Not Have Problems With My Brother Printer In The Future?

Keeping the most recent and correct device driver on your computer is the best way to avoid future problems with your Brother printer. Brother suggests that you regularly update your device drivers to ensure best results with your printer. Waiting for the printing problem to occur is not always the best policy. This is especially true if your printer fails when you need to print an important document. These kinds of things always seem to happen at the worst possible time. Fortunately this can easily be prevented.

"Driver Genius" is probably the best tool that a Brother Printer owner can use to ensure that they are always running the most recent Brother driver. This software doesn't require any computer experience, as it works on its own, monitoring your computer's device drivers on a regular basis. Driver Genius will always make sure that you are running the most accurate and recent Official Brother driver.

I'm Experiencing Problems With My Brother Printer - What Do I Do?

If you've arrived here because you are experiencing problems with your Brother Printer, it's not too late. It's not uncommon for printers to fail for the strangest reasons. Brother printer drivers have been known to be very temperamental. Even a simple Windows update can cause your printer to fail.

Fortunately Driver Genius is not just a preventative medicine. It's also capable of correcting current problems that you may be experiencing with your brother printer. Driver genius will search through you computer and locate the problem with your driver. This software is then capable of fixing the problem by installing the most recent and correct device driver for your Brother Printer. With the help of Driver Genius, your printer could be up and running in just a few minutes!

The Importance Of Installing Official Brother Drivers

Brother warns its customers to only download Official Brother Printer Drivers. This is because unofficial drivers can easily do harm to your system in the form of spyware or a Trojan virus. Driver Genius takes care of this for you by providing only Official Brother Printer Drivers.


Inkjet Brother Printers

Brother's line of inkjet printers are the first of their kind, and quite a popular product amongst home users. Currently, the most popular model is the Brother MFC-210C Color Inkjet Multifunction Printer. Because there are many different Brother inkjet printers available, one must always be sure that they have the correct device driver installed. That is why it is so important to allow driver genius to scan your computer for the most current Brother printer drivers before you do anything else.

Color Laser / LED Brother Printers

Brother printer is proud to provide its customers with color laser and LED printers. These are a very common choice for business owners both large and small. You can ensure that your computer is running the most efficient Brother driver by scanning your computer with Driver Genius. This software will provide you with the most recent laser or LED Brother printer driver. This could result in lower ink usage and faster productivity.

All-In-One/Multi-Function Brother Printers

The all-in-one package provided by Brother Printers allows business owners the ability to Fax, Print, Scan and copy in one convenient location. Due to the complexity of this hardware, a specific device driver is required in order to avoid computer crashes and printer malfunctions. Driver Genius is the premium choice to assist you with this. It is recommended that you use Driver Genius to scan your computer for any missing Brother Printer drivers before you experience any issues.

Brother Thermal Label Printer

The Brother Thermal Label Printer is a small printer designed solely for printing labels. You'll usually find this printer in Doctor's offices for prescriptions or within small businesses. Because this is a very specific printer, one must be very careful with the type of device driver that they use. In these settings, printer failure is not an option. Driver genius will scan for the appropriate Brother thermal label printer driver for your computer.

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