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Read This If You Own An Epson Printer

IT professionals will tell you that the majority of problems experienced with Epson Printers are caused by printer drivers. This is why they warn Epson Printer owners to always use the most current version of their Epson printer driver. Using outdated or incorrect device drivers can result in computer malfunctions and printer device errors. These problems can easily be avoided by regularly scanning your computer with a program like Driver Genius.

Epson Printer Drivers Explained

The device driver is an integral part of your Epson printer. A driver is merely a piece of software that allows communication between your Epson printer and Windows. The printer driver basically lays out the printing instructions and relays it back to your PC. Because of the many differences between Epson Printers, there is a different driver for each printer model. Using the incorrect printer driver causes serious problems for both your PC and your printer.

The Importance Of Keeping Your Epson Printer Drivers Up To Date

Outdated printer drivers have been known to cause problems with the Epson printer. Epson makes regular updates available to its customers as performance and security issues are corrected. Failure to keep a current printer driver opens your system to security breaches and device driver errors.

Even when installing your Epson printer for the first time, you must be careful to install the most current driver. After plugging in your printer, Windows will often suggest its preinstalled Epson driver. Keep in mind that these are almost always outdated, as they date back to the creation of the operating system. Using a program like Driver Genius will ensure that you have the most recent Epson driver installed.

The Best Way To Avoid Device Driver Errors With An Epson Printer

Device driver errors are easily preventable incidents. By keeping your Epson printer drivers up to date and ensuring that your system is running the correct device driver, you minimize any problems with your printer. While doing this manually can prove to be a daunting task, there is an easier way. We suggest that you allow Driver Genius to scan your PC for any outdated or incorrect the Epson drivers, and automate the process. This will save you from hours of work and eliminate the risk of printer driver failure.

Common Epson Printer Driver Errors & How To Fix Them

Printer driver errors show themselves in various ways. Some Epson users complain that their computer freezes, others report frequent error messages, and others state that their printer refuses to print. Fortunately, Epson printer driver errors can easily be corrected when you make use of Driver Genius.

Driver Genius can scan your PC and make sure that you are running the correct printer driver for your Epson printer. If Driver Genius finds that there is a better version available, it will update your system automatically. Driver Genius truly is a simple solution to a stressful situation.

Use Official Epson Printer Drivers Only

Using printer drivers that are not labeled "Official Epson Printer Drivers" is risky business. By using aftermarket printer drivers, you risk the chance of installing viruses or incorrect drivers. Driver Genius will only install Official Epson Printer Drivers onto your PC.


Epson truly provides a diverse set of printers and matching drivers to accommodate all types of computer users. Epson users can choose from the basic single function inkjet to the high end laser printer. Epson even allows for an extra wide printer for more unique jobs.

Epson Single Function Injet Printers

The single function inkjet printer is Epson's most popular model for office, school or home use. These Epsons vary significantly and require specific printer drivers for each model. For example, the Epson Artisan 50 and the Epson Workforce 30 are both labeled as single function printers but behave very differently. Using outdated or incorrect Epson Single Function Inkjet printer drivers will cause your printer to fail. The best way to prevent driver problems is by using Driver Genius to scan your PC for any missing Epson single function inkjet printer drivers.

Epson All-In-One Printers

Epson's all-in-one line of printers is available in both inkjet and laser. These models allow scanning and printing of extreme high quality. Because these models include many new technological features like HD Movie printing, updating your printer driver is crucial. The programmers at Epson are consistently upgrading their drivers, and regular updates are the only way to benefit. In situations like this, Driver Genius is strongly advised. Driver Genius will regularly scan your PC for the most recent Epson All-In-One Printer driver and make updates as they become available

Epson Impact Printer

The Epson Impact Printer models are designed for demanding work environments. By staying rugged and possessing the ability to print at amazing speeds, this is the ideal business printer. In a business setting, risking a printer device failure is not an option. This could slow down production and become an expensive problem. It is recommended that you install Driver Genius on your business PC to ensure that you are running the most current Epson impact printer driver available.

BOTTOM LINE - Why Do I Need Driver Genius For My Epson Printer?

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    Driver Genius will never install viruses or malware onto your computer. In fact, this software is the best way to prevent this from happening. When you use Driver Genius, you can be certain that only Genuine Epson Printer Drivers will be installed.

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    When put to the test, Driver Genius has consistently toppled the competition. In independent tests performed by Avanquest,GeekFiles, Softpedia, Tucows, Onekit, BumperSoft, and SubmitFile - Driver Genius Received Superior Ratings!!

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    Driver Genius is ranked as one of the easiest Epson Device Driver programs on the market. Whether you are already experiencing problems with your Epson Printer driver OR you are trying to avoid future problems - Driver Genius is the best choice!

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epson fx 2175 esc/p Driver