hp scanjet n7710 scanner basic feature 1.1

hp scanjet n7710 scanner basic feature 1.1

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What All HP Printer Owners Need To Know Before Printing Another Sheet Of Paper

If you want to avoid the stress that many HP printer owners have come up against (system crashes, device driver conflicts, etc) - you need to be sure that you have the correct HP printer device driver installed on your computer. While HP printers are notorious for device driver errors, this problem is easily prevented or fixed when you have the correct software to help you.

Why Do I Need An HP Printer Driver?

Since HP (Hewlett Packard) produces several printer models of varying type, it's crucial that you install the exact matching device driver. Using the wrong device driver for your HP Printer can cause both your PC and your printer to act erratically.

To understand why this is so important, you must realize that the device driver is what allows communication between your HP Printer and your operating system (Windows). The device driver will send the print commands directly to your printer and relay the messages back to your computer. Each HP printer has specific instructions that are coded into it's very own device driver. Using the wrong type (even if it is very similar) can confuse the computer and cause it to function improperly.

I Updated To A New Version Of Windows - Do I Need To Update My HP Printer Driver?

While your device driver must be a perfect match with the printer model, it must also be an exact match with your current operating system. If you have recently changed your version of Windows, you must also update your printer driver to match. The HP driver is programmed to communicate with one particular operating system. Occasionally, the printer will function with a mismatched driver. Unfortunately, this is usually only temporary, and will cause computer crashes and complete system "Freezes" over time.

Why You Must Keep Your HP Printer Driver Up-To-Date

Its important to always have the most current printer driver for several reasons. Firstly, this is an issue of security. When new bugs and security flaws are reported to HP support, an updated version will correct this problem. Secondly, an out of date driver may mean that you are not getting the most out of your printer's capabilities. HP is constantly improving upon their technology and an updated driver may mean better printing quality.

How Do I Ensure That I Do Not Have Device Driver Problems In The Future?

Prevention is the best option when dealing with HP printers. It's not about "If a printing problem will occur" but "when the problem will occur". Most computer users only worry about the device drivers when there is a problem. But, what if you need to print something extremely important and your printer fails? Could you imagine what kind of a situation that could put you in? This is really an avoidable problem that only takes a few seconds to ensure that your printer is working with the best possible drivers.

"Driver Genius" is probably the best tool that an HP printer owner can use to be sure that everything is functioning smoothly. This software doesn't require any computer experience, as it works on its own, monitoring your computer's device drivers on a regular basis. Driver Genius will always make sure that you are running the most accurate and recent Official HP driver.

What Do I Do If I'm Already Experiencing Problems With My HP Printer?

Printer driver errors can pop up for some of the strangest reasons. You may find that your printer was working fine just a few days ago, only to stop functioning for no apparent reason at all. In fact, even a simple Windows update can sometimes force your drivers to go berserk.

Fortunately, Driver Genius is capable of correcting current problems that you may be experiencing with your HP printer. Once installed, this easy to use software will begin to search for any device driver issues. Driver Genius will then alert you to the problem and make the necessary corrections for you. With the help of Driver Genius, your printer could be back up and running in just a few minutes! Even better yet, this software will ensure that this type of problem never happens again.

The Importance Of Installing Official HP Drivers Only

You must always be cautious of a device driver's source. If it's not directly from HP, then beware! Many shady programmers have been known to create viruses and hide them in device drivers in order to gain access to your computer. You can be confident that when using Driver Genius, as it only installs printer drivers provided directly from HP.


HP Deskjet Printers
HP Deskjet printers are probably one of the most common "household printers" that you will find. This is probably because they're designed to be versatile in their printing capabilities and easy to use. The HP Deskjet printer is the usual choice for a home or budget minded user.

When setting up a new HP Deskjet printer, you must be sure to install the driver that matches your model perfectly. HP has created several Deskjet printers that vary greatly and an incorrect driver can cause serious issues with your computer. For example, the Deskjet D1160 Printer has only basic printing capability. Meanwhile, the HP Deskjet F4480 includes scanner and copy functions as well. While they are both HP Deskjet printers, they do not share the same features or drivers. We suggest that you use software like Driver Genius to run a scan and install the correct driver for your Deskjet printer.

HP Photosmart Printers
The Photosmart line of HP printers is specifically designed for printing photos. This high tech printer will allow you to print high quality photos affordably from home. An added benefit of HP Photosmart Printers is that they allow you to print directly from your digital camera as well. Due to the complex nature of this type of printer, you must be sure that you have installed the most recent driver. Otherwise, you risk degraded photo quality, system instability or complete failure to function. HP is constantly building on this new technology and providing updates as new bugs are uncovered and capabilities are accomplished. Driver Genius will make sure that your computer is running the most current version.

HP OfficeJet Printers (Pro & All-In-One)
The HP OfficeJet Printers were created with the home business in mind. The OfficeJet is capable of printing professional looking documents, while remaining affordable. HP Officejet printers vary greatly, with top of the line models that include Fax and Copier capability. Regardless of the features, it is recommended that you use Driver Genius to scan your PC for any missing HP officejet printer drivers - Before Doing Anything Else! If you want to save time and avoid unnecessary stress, Driver Genius is the best option.

HP Laserjet Printers
The Laserjet, is HP's "top of the line" printer. HP Laserjets are capable of providing extremely high end quality at a quick rate. An outdated HP Laserjet driver can result in slow printing speeds, erratic printing, and computer errors. These problems can be avoided by installing Driver Genius on your computer. This program will ensure that you are running the correct driver for your HP Laserjet printer

BOTTOM LINE - Why Do I Need Driver Genius For My HP Printer?

    1. Uses ONLY Genuine HP Drivers
      Driver Genius will only install the most current and accurate HP Printer driver to your system. Using a driver that is not Genuine HP can result in damage to your computer.

    2. 2009 - 2010 Award Winning Software
      In independent tests, Driver Genius has been a continuous winner! We're proud to announce that Driver Genius holds the coveted "5 Stars" from Avanquest. In addition, GeekFiles, Softpedia, Tucows, Onekit, BumperSoft, SubmitFile recommend Driver Genius. Most importantly, we have received rave reviews from users just like you!

    3. Super Fast - Super Easy To Use
      Driver Genius is ranked as one of the easiest Device Driver programs that you can use. Thanks to `Set It & Forget It' technology, this software will automatically manage your HP Printer drivers and update them as needed. After installation, there is nothing that you need to do!

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hp scanjet n7710 scanner basic feature 1.1 Driver