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Lexmark 1400 Series Driver

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What Every Lexmark Printer Owner Should Know About Their Printer

Anyone that has had printer problems will tell you that it is an experience that they would not wish on their worst enemy. Unfortunately, Lexmark printers have been known to fail due to printer driver errors. These types of problems do not need to happen to you. Lexmark printer driver issues are easily avoided by installing and maintaining the correct device driver for your specific project. Using helper software like Driver Genius will always keep the correct Lexmark printer driver on your computer.

Lexmark Printer Drivers Defined

The Lexmark printer driver tells your PC how to work alongside your Lexmark printer. Basically, printer drivers are merely packets of files that sends information from your operating system to your printer. Without device drivers your computer would not be able to communicate with external hardware like your Lexmark printer. Because your Lexmark printer driver has such an important task, the developers at Lexmark have created individual printer drivers for each model. Using the wrong printer driver would result in erratic computer behavior.

Lexmark Printer Drivers Are Updated Often - Is Your Driver Out Of Date?

If you're not sure of the answer... Chances are, that you are using an old version Lexmark printer driver. Lexmark makes regular updates to their printer drivers as bugs are reported and fixed. The programmers have also been known to make printer improvements and distribute them in the form of driver updates. These updates include features that provide better quality printing, faster print speed, and even the use of less ink. By neglecting to update your Lexmark printer regularly, you are missing out advancements in the Lexmark technology.

Keeping your Lexmark printer updated at all times does not have to be difficult. By using Driver Genius you take advantage of its abilities to scan your system and keep your Lexmark printer driver updated at all times. With Driver Genius you can be sure that your Lexmark printer will be running at optimal performance.

I Think That My Lexmark Printer Is Broken! What Should I Do?

First off - Don't Panic! Before you throw that Lexmark printer in the trash, you should know that 97% of Lexmark Printer errors are caused by out-of-date or corrupted drivers. Fortunately, these problems are extremely easy to resolve by updating or installing the correct Lexmark Printer driver to your PC. Driver Genius can simplify this process and ensure that you have the appropriate driver installed on your system with one simple scan. Most Lexmark Printer owners find Driver Genius to be the perfect solution to an otherwise dire situation. Even better yet, regular Driver Genius scans can help you avoid Lexmark Printer Driver problems in the future.

How To Avoid Lexmark Printer Driver Problems In The Future

Lexmark printer driver problems can easily be avoided by constantly keeping your printer driver updated. As Lexmark improves their product and corrects any issues, they make updates available to their customers. These updates will often improve upon your Lexmark printer’s print quality, printer speed or compatibility. If you don't take advantage of these updates, you are risking future driver problems.

There are also many outside forces that can cause your Lexmark printer driver to fail. If your computer becomes infected by malware or viruses, your printer driver may become adversely affected. Windows updates and even the installation of new drivers can also cause conflicts with your Lexmark printer driver. All of these problems can be avoided by constantly updating your Lexmark printer driver.

The Dangers Of Downloading Lexmark Printers Drivers From Unofficial Sources

Lexmark printer drivers are a common place for dubious hackers to hide viruses and malware. Because of this, we strongly suggest that you only install Official Lexmark Printer Drivers on your PC. Driver Genius will only update your system with official Lexmark Printer drivers, directly from the manufacturer.


Lexmark has designed different printers in order to meet the needs of all customers. There is a Lexmark model for the Home Office, Small Business and even Corporate or Government settings. It is best to use Driver Genius and be sure that you are using the correct driver for your printer model and printing situation.

Lexmark Consumer Inkjet Printers

Lexmark's consumer inkjet printers are designed for the home office user. It's small size and affordable cost makes it an obvious choice for Lexmark users. Whether you own the jet printer or Lexmark's Z series, you must be sure that you are using the correct driver. It is suggested that you allow Driver Genius to scan your PC and make sure that your Lexmark inkjet printer is running at optimal capability.

Lexmark All-In-One Printer

Lexmark's all-in-one printers are capable of printing, scanning, faxing, and copying from one space-saving device. You must be cautious when installing device drivers for the Lexmark all-in-one printer because they vary significantly. One can own a Lexmark Al-in-one labeled an Intrepid, an Impact, an Interpret, or an Intuition. The list goes on and on due to the many differences in Lexmark all in one printers. Regardless of the type of all-in-one printer that you own, we suggest that you use Driver Genius to ensure that you are running the latest printer driver for your particular model.

Lexmark Laser Printer

The Lexmark laser printers are their top-of-the-line models. They're offered in both color and black & white versions. The majority of Lexmark laser printer users are businesses that require quality and speed from the printer. However, the most important requirement is that the printer functions properly. By keeping the updated Lexmark laser printer driver on your computer, you reduce the risk of printer errors and device driver failures. Driver Genius is the perfect tool to assist you in keeping your Lexmark laser printer up to date at all times. You should put Driver Genius to use before you have a problem with your Lexmark laser printer.

Why Driver Genius Is The Best of Choice For Your Lexmark Printer

  1. It Knows Lexmark Printer Drivers
    No other software knows Lexmark printer drivers like Driver Genius does. Driver Genius will only install official Lexmark printer drivers on your system, providing you with the highest level of security and printer performance.

  2. Driver Genius Always Ranks Highest In Independent Tests
    We always strive to be the best, and our In-House testing has helped us to accomplish this. Aside from our own testing, Other reputable brands like Softpedia, Tucows, Bumpersoft, Geekfiles and others - have given Driver Genius a fantastic score (5/5) in their independent software testing.

  3. Driver Genius Takes The Hassle Out Of Updating Drivers
    Constantly checking for driver updates and making sure that you are running the correct driver can become a serious pain. By installing Driver Genius, everything is done for you instantly and without any hassle.

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