• Hewlett-Packard is large, conservative company widely known for their quality printers. Unfortunately, their software is not as great as their hardware devices. While finding drivers on their site looks easy, there are some reefs under the water. So here are useful tips on finding and installing drivers for HP printer.

  • Here are some helpful tips on how to install your HP printer fast and hassle-free.

  • Starting from Windows XP all the operating systems automatically detect a USB printer once it’s plugged in. This was not the case when printers were connected to the parallel port of the computer. Starting from Windows XP all the operating systems would go a step further by trying to install the driver itself. If a suitable driver is found then there is no need for additional software or drivers to install the printer. However there might be some special features in the printer that might work better with their specific software, in this case you can install the printer using the software disc that you got with the printer.

  • Dye-sublimation printer is a specialist device used for photographic applications and demanding graphic arts. This printer was not introduced into the main stream till the advent of digital photography. The technology used in dye-sublimation printers is the base for many portable and standalone photo printers.