About us

"Pay no attention to that man behind the curtain..."

In all seriousness, we’re really nothing special…Just a few computer repair guys that are fed-up with the garbage websites and expensive software that litters the internet. After spending an afternoon sharing stories about the many scams that we have come across on the web, we decided that we wanted to create something positive for our computer repair clients.

Probably one of the most common computer problems that we witness our customers struggle with involves device drivers. It seemed like half of our customers were falling prey to dubious hackers that were hiding viruses and malware within the drivers. The other half were unable to even locate device drivers for their hardware or were duped into purchasing driver updater software that just didn’t work. After analyzing this trend, we realized there was a serious need for an independent website that provided our customers with honest and accurate reviews. From this, our site was born.

We Will Only Post Honest Reviews

Our goal is to provide our users with the most accurate and honest reviews on the web. In order to accomplish this, we put our geek skills to work and began testing every highly rated driver updater program available. We literally set up eight different computers and tried to destroy each program, one by one. We recorded our tests, compared results and determined the best driver product on the market. This is the product that we can confidently suggest to our readers.

We want to remain transparent with you, and flat out state right now that we receive a very small commission for each product that is sold from our site. This covers our expenses required to purchase and test software for review, maintain our website, and continue to provide you with honest software reviews. While there are many websites that are willing to promote just any product, we only promote the best. After all, we are computer repairmen first and foremost. We have a reputation to uphold.

We Want To Hear From You!

Your feedback is extremely important to us, and we always enjoy discussing software issues with our readers. Please contact us if you have tested out Driver Genius and would like to share your opinion with the group. If you would like to provide us with a testimonial, please provide us with as much information as possible and note whether or not we can place it on our website.

While we always welcome testimonials, suggestions for future Driver Genius improvements are also welcome. We are not the creators of Driver Genius, but we can certainly provide them with your advice.

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