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90% Of Printer Errors Are Caused By Outdated or Corrupted Drivers.
Problematic Printer Drivers Can Cause Big Trouble For Your Computer
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About Driver Genius

If you own a printer, Driver Genius is the essential companion. This advanced piece of software is capable of regularly scanning your PC and quickly locating outdated or corrupted device drivers. As driver issues are discovered, Driver Genius will reinstall or update the latest device driver that your printer requires.

In the past, printer owners were forced to manually hunt for device drivers and constantly check for updates. Because of the hassle, the majority of printer owners fail to keep up with updates and begin to experience computer issues. Outdated and/or corrupted device drivers can cause your computer to crash, act sluggish, freeze up spontaneously or display numerous error messages. Driver Genius takes care of these problems by automatically scanning and updating your printer drivers regularly.

Driver Genius Benefits

Driver Genius Is Super Fast- Driver Genius can scan your entire computer and provide you with the most current driver in just a few minutes. Sure, you may eventually be able to find the drivers manually... But, how much is your time worth to you?

Know That It's Done Right- Even after spending an entire afternoon searching for the correct device driver, you could still inadvertently install the incorrect version. Highly paid computer techs use Driver Genius for this very reason. There is just too much room for error, even for the pros!

The Safest Way To Install Drivers- Driver Genius only uses Certified Device Drivers provided by the printer's manufacturer to ensure that your computer is always safe. If you install drivers from any other source, you are most likely opening your computer up to malware and viruses. As an added safety feature, Driver Genius will automatically back up your current device drivers before making any changes to your system.

Driver Genius Is Super Easy- The developers of Driver Genius focused on making this software available to computer users of all levels. Driver Genius does all of the work for you by regularly scanning and updating your drivers. You can literally Set It & Forget It!

Optimum Performance- Running an out of date driver may mean that you are not getting the most out of your printer's capabilities. Printer manufacturers are constantly updating their drivers as new technology allows for faster printing speeds, better print quality and even reduced ink usage. Regular driver updates by Driver Genius will keep your PC running at peak performance.

Awards & Recommendations Received

Bottom Line:

Driver Genius has continuously received awards after being put through rigorous testing by several independent organizations. This is most likely because the developers of Driver Genius created a program that is both extremely powerful and extremely easy-to-use.

It's interesting to see the varied range of Driver Genius users. Many IT professionals and PC repairmen depend upon Driver Genius to make their jobs easier. However, there is also a large percentage of home users with little to no computer experience that make use of Driver Genius's simplicity.

Driver Genius is not a product only full of hype, as so many seem to be these days. It actually does what it says it will do. You can schedule this software to perform regular scans of your PC and locate outdated or corrupt device drivers on your system. Driver Genius will then make any necessary corrections to problem drivers by automatically providing you with the most recent manufacturer certified driver available. In addition, Driver Genius offers added protection by creating a restore point and backing up your drivers prior to making any changes to your system.

After surveying numerous PC technicians, reviewing the facts and testing out the software, Driver Genius is an obvious winner. It would be very difficult to find another driver update software that is able to compete with Driver Genius. We suggest that you use Driver Genius Now to be sure that your system is running at full potential.

To run a free scan, simply click on this setup link:
DriverGenius (executable, 6.5MB)
Process takes between 1-2 minutes.